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Telfonix Medical Consulting operates under Telfonix Medical Consulting  The company is owned and operated by Frankie Abbruzzino, who started Telfonix Medical Consulting in 2001, out of Jacksonville, FL.  Our originally focus was on Chiropractic billing, which is still the companies core specialty for billing. Since many Chiropractic clinics now employ pain management programs, Telfonix has become a expert in Pain Management, Neurologist, and Orthopedic billing. We are not limited to Chiropractic billing though and are/or have performed billing for clients within the following industries: OBGYN, General MD, MRI, and Physical Therapy.

We utilize several software platforms, since most clients prefer to use their software, versus changing.  The programs we are experience in using are Acom Health’s AHPM, Theroffice, CGM DAQ Billing, and Kareo.  We are pretty talented when it comes to picking up other software programs, as long as there is a training session.

We manage billing for practices that collect as low as $10,000/mth to clinics that bring in over $300,000/mth in collections (excluding write off’s).  We do not outsource to India and operate out of America, in sunny Venice, FL.  We would love an opportunity to discuss our services with you.  You can contact us by any of the resources below: