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Pain Management Billing Services

When reporting both an E&M and procedure code, modifier 25 should be appended to the E&M service. Often, both services are reported when the E&M service involved an initial evaluation of a presenting problem and the decision to perform the procedure was based on that evaluation. For example, after an evaluation of a patient presenting with knee pain a decision may be made to proceed with an injection. The same diagnosis would likely apply to the E&M Service and the procedure code. In other situations, the visit might be prompted by a condition unrelated to a planned procedure. Consider a patient who presents for a lumbar epidural steroid injection, but also asks you to evaluate his shoulder pain. In this situation you would report both the E&M service and the epidural injection code but you would have different diagnoses. In this instance, each CPT code is linked to the applicable diagnosis code on the insurance claim form.

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